Most of what we do is electronic and online: gala results, PBs, records, team selection, rankings, gala entry, gala qualifying, and so on. As a club member, you can do a lot of this yourself, by using the menus above. The other stuff is behind the scenes, which means that only club officials have access to it. The table below shows you what you, as a club member, can do using the menus here:

PBs Find your PBs, or all the club PBs, here.
All timesList all your results (whether or not they're PBs), at any or all licence levels, from a specific date, or for all time.
Find the results for a specific gala, including PBs and CSPAs. CSPAs are ASA time standards; in some circumstances, we may award a 'flash' when a specific CSPA has been achieved.

List the club records, or the best times achieved in the past year.

  • Online entries: this is the place to enter galas. You can't enter on paper, or by asking nicely; you have to do it here.
  • Gala qualifying: find out how close you are to reaching the qualifying times for a gala.
  • Gala information: find out about a gala: when it is, what the entry requirements are, when online entries will open and close, and so on.
  • Gala entry reports: find out who else has entered, or what events you've already entered for.
Conversions Carry out course conversions here: SC to LC times, or vice-versa, for any event. This is just for fun: we do all the important conversions automatically.
Emails Automatically send a test email to all the addresses that we have on record for you. All new members should do this, to ensure that our messages to you are not treated as spam or discarded. You will also need to do this if you change your email address.